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released his new Coffee Table book "Heartland Legacy" featuring  Bunny's
"Cold Creek Willows" song lyrics as recorded on her Prophecy Keeper and this St8newalker
CD !

Return to the organic  world
with heart-beat
Native Flute, drum, gentle finger-picking acoustic Folk guitar and  Bunny's memorable voice singing lyrics that resonate from the heart of the sacred Black Hills, to positively relate ancient indigenous perspectives critical for our lives, our planet, and our future!


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2nd Interview with Ann Marie at Spring Equinox 2010 on Achieve Radio discussing Who is Stone Nation - and WHO IS
Chief Richard Grass?


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Proceeds from this CD continue to support the Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation web site which began at Chief Richard Grass' direction by which indigenous teachers and traditional/spiritual Chiefs bring wisdom forward in good action for all our relations for THIS time! The web site goal is to educate this generation on many as yet unpublished details of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota history and to help us to finally publish a long held book "John Grass, American Indian Patriot" by Angela A. Boleyn, finally completed on the Moon of the Tipsin Buds, 1961, and gifted to Chief John Grass's family to publish (according to South Dakota Hall of Fame inductee Chief John Grass' - Charging Bears' wishes) long after the participants of the Battle of Little Big Horn have passed. Directed by his sister, Mona J. Grass-Brown and Chief Richard D. Grass - Charging Bear, (L.D.N.), (both deceased) who was the Bloodline Great Grandson of 
John Grass-Charging Bear

Chief Two Strike, Chief Red Cloud, Chief White Swan, Chief Sitting Bull, Old Chief Frost, Chief White Bird, and Chief Crazy Horse  - Bunny Sings Wolf - as the remaining eldest relative, continues to add documents to let
the truth of the "Sioux" nation finally be known fully and to correct many inaccuracies reported by "white" historians about traditional tribal structure, spirituality, life style, beliefs, and the line of traditional/spiritual Chiefs still working on behalf of the people.  Regarding the new web site, Chief Richard Grass wrote:  "Following the footsteps of my Great Grandfather, Chief John Grass, as Chief for the L.D.N. Nation and dynastic Grand Chief of the General Council I am posting the Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation web site for educational purposes as a resource of strength and pride for our people, to help broaden understanding of our nation, and to give insight into the work being prayerfully done to see that the treaties now still in force are finally honored, as the Grass Dynastic line of Chiefs continue to work to preserve our broad land base, our unique and beautiful languages, traditional, cultural, and spiritual ways of life for our people now and for future generations to come."
If you would like to help with this timely and important educational and cultural preservation project and support the formation of this
web site , or assist with administrative expenses for the support of the L.D.N. Nation to which these dream songs have led, please send to
 Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation
P.O. Box 884
Belle Fourche, SD 57717

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St8newalkerA new CD release was announced across the stone crystal powered computer web by Bunny Sings Wolf from her home in the Black Hills on January 26, 2009 at the total eclipse of the Sun.   

Many indigenous tribes have long understood the powerful energies and creative force held in stones (the rock) and many creation legends and stories tell of them giving their blood (energies) to create all form, shape, life.

The Lakota call them Inyan Oyate - Stone Nation - (Creator) and those who carry (walk) them and sing their songs for healing and wisdom teaching, a


Walking the 8th ceremony for Harmony, Balance, Abundance, Peace

This CD is dreamed, designed, and funded totally by the creative gifts  day to day living and hard work budgeting and earnings of Bunny Sings Wolf and Hillbunny Productions with no support from outside material sources.  Through miracle and against all odds this music continues to flower as a gift of Spirit for these times. 
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Please help - please visit  Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation and help support indigenous teachers and traditional/spiritual and Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Chiefs with their ongoing work to bring wisdom forward in good action for all our relations for THIS time!

Please Scroll down to

learn more about the songs

and the CD


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 The number 8replaces the "0" in  the  St8newalker CD Title to emphasize  the vortex, circle of life , sacred hoop, one-ness theme of the CD that she feels is best represented by the Stone Nation and
the theme of all her music,
Mitakuye Oyasin
With a gently confident voice in 13 original songs inspired by the songs from the stones she has "walked" , cherished and listened to since childhood, the stories contained in this beautiful compilation of her own genre of Lakota-inflective folk music tell of the challenges of protecting natural resources, honoring the miracle of life, and the "walk", practice and practicality of living in harmony, balance, abundance, peace with all our relations while pursuing ones' own unique visions and most sacred dreams. 

The CD liner notes highlight the many gifts that come from Stone Nation, and concludes:

" ...residing everywhere, in everything, forever alive and dead in more ways than words may express.  Confined yet always free, fearing nothing and loving always, reminding us of the great circle of life and 8ur smallness, 8ur greatness, 8ur potentials, forever-ness, an our 8ne-ness.  Stoic, beautiful and without breath yet speaking in all languages in crystal wave energies, and singing songs through the voices and traveling through the feet of those who listen, pick them up, and carry them where they wish.  I am such a 8ne, a hollow bone, a "


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Following are the song titles, production information and  liner notes for this CD.

1.       Winter"s Lullabye  sung as long as there have been seasons.  Ancient Stone Nation (Inyan Oyate) observes life forms come and go and knows there is time for awakening and aliveness and time for going to sleep and returning to Mother Earth  this is the nurturing story of the great circle of 8ne-ness of which Winter is a miraculous part, and the song that the great Earth Mother sings to take to sleep.  Ancient Arapahoe Lulla-bye song included as an undertone in the bridge was taught to Bunny by Arapahoe Cultural Advisors and Grandmother-Elders on the Wind River Reservation of Wyoming.  Lyrics and Music of the English part of song by Wayne Johnson and Bunny Sings Wolf, Vocals, Nat. Amer. Flute, Guitar by Bunny Sings Wolf. Produced by Lee Engberg. Engineered and Mixed by Marc Klock, Fusion Studio,  2007 Bunny Sings Wolf, Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved -  ASCAP.

2.       More Than a Mountain addresses the Stone Nation that is used to build grand memorials, and the dust clouds created in that process that travel the winds to new places, finding rest in new forms and new realities, reminding us (perhaps even more than the memorials themselves) to never forget and to manifest our cloud-like dreams, for dreams are sacred and their energies eternal. Guitar, Flute, Mixed, Recorded, Engineered and Produced in the Black Hills by David Allen Vogelbacher, Badlands Thunder Studio. Music by David Allen and Bunny Sings Wolf.  Lyrics and Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf,  2000 Bunny Sings Wolf, Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved -  ASCAP.   See photo and lyrics by clicking on this link:
More Than A Mountain        

3.       Cold Creek"s waters flow over Stone Nation, living in complete harmony and good relationship where the roots of the Willows grow.  Many indigenous peoples who devoutly honored the sacred relationship between us and the natural world used these willows to create temporary shelters and places of worship where stones were brought in and heated for prayer and healing ceremonies.  Water and stone, like prayer, and the very earth upon which we Stonewalkers walk, contain the promise of harmony and balance of which many prayers and prayer songs speak.  The meaning of the word - Arapahoe (we are the Caretakers of the Earth") is employed in this earth story-song, denoting the beauty of this sacred relationship, and how patience and adhering to our sacred earth honoring visions, walking in a sacred manner holds, for us and all our relations, the promise of a new day. Lyrics,  Music, Native American Flute, Guitar, Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf .   Recorded and mixed by in the sacred Black Hills by Stringbean Svenson, Fiddlestring Productions, Produced by Lee Engberg  " 2004 Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved - ASCAP

Please Click here to find out about Artist JON CRANE's
new Coffee Table book featuring 
Bunny's "Cold Creek Willows" song lyrics

4.       In Vision Quest (Lakota-Hanblecheya) we humbly become like Stone Nation, and stay in one place on a solitary hill to pray for 1 to 4 days with no food or water, praying with little sleep, to find vision.  For some, it awakens us to our 8neness with all that is and all that was, and the special, unique and sacred gifts we individually have to carry out again into our short time in this earth walk. It taught me that all  too soon we eventually will become a dry, hollow bone, returning again to the great Stone Nation (Creator ) source of everything that is , thus each breath of life is truly a sacred gift to be cherished and walked wisely, in awareness of our 8ne-ness, for all that we think and do comes back around to us again. Mixed, Engineered and Produced in the Black Hills by David Allen Vogelbacher, Badlands Thunder Studio. Music, Lyrics, Guitar, Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf.   2000 Bunny Sings Wolf, Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved -  ASCAP.

5.       Freedom  In a vision, in a dream this song came with Lakota words telling me to send my voice with a prayer that more will sing along and learn the truth of this song, that we can stand up, manifest it, it can be done.  Though the current dominate culture has viciously taught us that Freedom is something we do not have, nor deserve without great effort, and that it needs to be fought for, Stone Nation knows this could not be further from the truth, seeing freedom as a natural and eternal right that flows within the great circle, with gentle and easy access of each of us who hold this knowledge.  Here is the unsung verse  " If only they would listen, if everyone would see, ALL could live in freedom and learn her melody,  oh how grand this life would be!  Yes the whole world would be free and sing  Freedom lives  in me!  Oh won't you sing along,  and LIVE IN freedom's song?" For this knowledge this song is sent for it is more than time to finally just manifest it in every corner of our planet in a good way with response-ability. Lyrics,  Music, Native American Flute, Guitar, Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf .   Recorded and mixed by in the sacred Black Hills by Stringbean Svenson, Fiddlestring Productions, Produced by Lee Engberg  Copyright 2002 Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved - ASCAP

Here are the lyrics and the story behind this song:

Freedom frightens faint-hearted ones for they"re afraid to fly
Rather than walk in beauty, they just choose to die.
For freedom chases a rainbow and catches it in a dream
Swallows it whole inside itself, as a river consumes a stream.

Freedom is a star fire shining, so far above the moon,
And lacks nothing in it'ss passion, for it's always full of room
And freedom glows with sunlight and helps the flowers bloom.
Oh won't you COME along, and LEARN freedom's song?

Hoye, Hoye, Hoye, Hoye, Hoye wa yelo/yeh.
Hoye, Hoye, Hoye wa yelo/yeh.
Hoye, Hoye, Hoye, Hoye, Hoye wa yelo/yeh.
Taninyan nawajinyo okihe/ye

It's natural ways are foreign to the likes of modern man,
Yet it drifts high with clouds of laughter and loves whereever it can
And tracks across the night snow just to kiss a distant land.
Oh won't you come along, and SING freedom's song.


I fly high without a parachute, I fly high without a plane,
My wings aren't drenched in alcohol,
I fly high without cocaine,
For I am high on the GIFT of life,
that runs rampant in our veins.

I thrill with the love of brotherhood, and I know this love
Can bring world change.
I'm flyin' high, I'm flying free,
since I learned that true freedom LIVES (in me)!

Freedom walks before me, now I follow in her step.
Confinement no longer hides me, I no longer feel inept.
She takes me to her mountain where now I sing out her song
A lullaby of comfort with the sounds to heal all wrong
Oh won't you sing along, yes sing freedom's song.


If only they would listen, if everyone would see,
ALL could live in freedom and learn her melody,
oh how grand this life would be!
Yes the whole world would be free and sing
Freedom lives  in me!
Oh won't you sing along,
and LIVE IN freedom's song!

Hoye, Hoye, Hoye, Hoye, Hoye wa yelo/yeh.
Hoye, Hoye, Hoye wa yelo/yeh.
Hoye, Hoye, Hoye, Hoye, Hoye wa yelo/yeh.
Taninyan nawajinyo okihe/ye
Taninyan nawajinyo okihe/ye
Wa o, Wicozani
Oyate! Iya wa oo welo Yanipi kta ca

Footnote: Chorus TRANSLATION:
Respectfully - following is the Lakota translation of chorus roughly:
Hoye - Send a voice - as in a prayer put into action by the way we walk. - live our lives
Hoye wa yelo/ye - I am sending a voice (speaking as in prayer, and willing to put my prayer into action by the way I think, speak, act and live on this earth as always in the sight of our Creator) both male and female gender endings
Taninyan nawajinyo okihi .
Stand up! Manifest it, it can be done! (walk ,live- in a sacred manner so that all may be blessed by your life and your unique, sacred expression of who you are as a human being)
Wa o -I come
Wicozani  - Good health (good health in the future for all nations)
Oyate , Nation! (Not just relatives or extended family, but ALL our relations, the four legged, two legged, finned ones, winged ones, crawling ones, plant and root  people, stars, rocks  all that IS, creation)
Iya wa oo welo yanipi kta ca that the people (Oyate) - that ALL may LIVE!

THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG: This is a prayer that speaks of a time when the earth will be restored to it's pristine harmony, and for a time again when all living things created for this planet will live in health, beauty, harmony, balance, abundance, and in peaceful relationship with one another and Creator.

This prayer has been voiced for centuries by the many prayers of the Lakota people, relating to the flowering tree blooming once again and the time when the sacred hoop is mended. People from all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues have prayed for this, and it is a prophecy resonating in many cultures and considered so sure a hope that it is mentioned as having already taken place in many holy books and writings, one best well known in this continent as found in the Bible at Revelation 21:3,4, indicating to some, that it is a sure promise from our Creator - the source of true freedom , and it WILL be done.

As this song came it a dream, it came also with the "message" - a feeling that Freedom is not something that can be fought for, killed for, nor earned, (many wars have been fought in the name of it, but still people of the earth do not live in true Freedom - go figure )- Freedom is a natural gift that comes with the gift of and moment by moment honoring of life, and continues to be within reach of each one of us, at least in our hearts, and always within our reach as we choose to honor and live life in our day to day walk upon Mother Earth. In this way we show we do live in and honor Freedom, with deep and sacred respect.

However, the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation, as with so many tribes before them, continue to mourn as they watch the treaty lands promised them continue to be raped of all resources, built upon and used by those who do not understand respectful relationship with and the sacredness of these lands.

Many History books have told the story of the "Sioux" from the perspectives of the conquerors - now a book long held by the dynastic family of traditional Chief John Grass is soon to be released.

When you purchase this CD you will be helping to fund this book publishing project and support the work of the spiritual and traditional Chiefs in their long standing and enduring efforts to preserve what fragments may be left of truth, justice, understanding and preservation of a rich traditional and spiritual culture now precariously on the brink of obliteration and total assimilation.

In a truthful, well researched ad most dignified and peaceful manner, this book tells many truths about Lakota, Dakota, Nakota culture, the dynasty of true Chiefs, the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and many other details of ancient and traditional "Sioux" culture from those who still dare to fail to believe that "resistance is futile"....or that the treaty of the United States will eventually be honored and the sacred Black Hills will one day be cared for and honored again as sacred and treated well by its rightful caretakers....

You may learn how to contribute or purchase the St8newalker CD, the proceeds of which go for this cause, at

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Order St8newalker CD online!


6.       Vortex, circle, spiral, or the "finger of God", however we choose to see it, the 8 is the shape of galaxies, DNA, and whirlwinds, all holding chaos and calm.  It is within our natural birthright of freedom to choose where we wish to place ourselves within these powerful creative forces. Guitar, Drum, Recorded, Mixed, Engineered and Produced in the Black Hills by David Allen Vogelbacher, Badlands Thunder Studio. Lyrics, Music and Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf, Copyright 2000 Bunny Sings Wolf, Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved -  ASCAP.

7.       O Great Spirit  - source -  all elements including us, made up of the star stuff from Stone Nation , this is an ancient Lakota prayer (some say the source of these words is Ojibiwa*).  The music came to me in a dream so that these humble words may perhaps awaken and soften stone hearts of today to walk in a humble and appreciative way.  Music, Native American Flute, Guitar, Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf. Recorded and mixed by in the sacred Black Hills by Stringbean Svenson, Fiddlestring Productions, Produced by Lee Engberg  Copyright 2001 Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved - ASCAP

* It is said that the Ojibiwa were the tribe that originally referenced in their tongue the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota as "snake" (some believe this was a reference of great respect for their wisdom and prowress) which more than likely was a description in sign language (when asked by the settlers about this people) of the fact that they lived near a river that flowed like snake.  Later this description was misconstrued by the French to eventually name the Soanes people "Sioux" (enemy) for which they are now more commonly "identified", although the original meaning of Lakota is "friend".  It seems to my heart that the O Great Spirit prayer speaks in the humble and respectful way I learned is uniquely Lakota - and in harmony with the way of life and prayer - Mitakuye Oyasin - all my relations, we are all related.

8.       Two Worlds Clash -  Of Rock, paper, scizzors, in nature only rock endures.  When manmade stuff conflicts with the natural world, the natural world always "wins" eventually, thus the need to learn to live in harmony with all our relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin " Lakota " we are all related, all my relatives (we are 8one). Lyrics,  Music, Native American Flute, Guitar, Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf .  Recorded and mixed by in the sacred Black Hills by Stringbean Svenson, Fiddlestring Productions, Produced by Lee Engberg  " 2001 Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved - ASCAP

9.       Four Winds " In Lakota culture four is a sacred number representing so many things that make up creation, and the winds from the four directions make up the creative forces that take us on our life journey.  This song is a prayer I recorded while on the Wind River Reservation and used the song to share some earth honoring culture with students at St. Stephens" Indian School. Lyrics,  Music, Native American Flute, Guitar, Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf . 

  1. Joyful 49 Greeting Drum Duet - Little Paws Fleming assisting Bunny Sings Wolf in Concert at Devil's Tower National Monument Amphitheatre at dusk June 2006 (Photo courtesy of  Devil's Tower National Monument) - singing Joyful 49 Greeting Drum Duet.  This is a traditional Indian greeting song.  I was told that bands would sing as they gathered after a long winter apart in smaller bands, singing as they were approaching each other across the prairies joining in this round song as they greeted one another and set up camp.  In Lakota there is no word for "good-bye" as it is understood we are never truly separated from the 8ne-ness that we are, and although distance  appears to physically separate us, we are always 8ne and the part of the whole, and can always meet again in friendship and song.  I learned this song from friends Storm Seymore  (Meskwaki Nation), Stephanie Snow (Ho-Chunk-Lakota),  Carol Moisa, and Ralph Moisa (of Yaqui descent), who I performed with at White Eagle Seventh Generation Multi-Cultural Pow Wow,, August, 2002 in Des Moines where 14 tribes gathered to sing and dance with intent to help mend the sacred hoop.  I was honored to bring sage from the Black Hills to share with all my relatives there along with many of these dream songs that I sang under a full moon concluding with the "White Buffalo Peace Song" and all sang happily along in celebration of the mending changes already taking place even back then as more of us awakened to walk in a sacred manner.  Drum and Vocals by Little Paws Fleming (Cherokee Nation) and Bunny Sings Wolf (blackfoot Band, Oglala-Lakota). Recorded and mixed by in the sacred Black Hills by Stringbean Svenson, Fiddlestring Productions, Produced by Lee Engberg  " 2006 Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved " ASCAP

    A wonderful gift for all your relations! - Please Click HERE to
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  1. Now Is The Time! "A truth simple as a heartbeat drum. The gift of life is now.  Now is the time to Live.  Lyrics,  Music, Native American Flute, Guitar, Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf .  Produced by Lee Engberg  " 2002 Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved - ASCAP
  2. Dreaming Softly "Our modern culture has forgotten the need, the joy, the sacredness of sleep and dreams, the wonderful place from which all these songs have manifested.  All the drums and flutes and songs on this album were given to me as gifts.  The songs, music lyrics and harmonies came in dreams that awaken me usually at 3:00 a.m., telling me just how the song should be sung and played and I have attempted, with little recording funding, and with the instruments gifted me to replicate what I have heard for flute, drum and guitar accompaniment.  The Flutes (created, carved with white buffalo birds by Mark Nelson) and guitars (purchased and gifted by Lee Engberg who budgeted, and saved to provide these when even money for rent was scarce) and drums (from dreams that began in 1996 before we met in 2001, from a gentle heart who hears the songs of the tree people, picks up the wood and painstakingly carves and creates awesome beauty from the natural world - Jim Lee) were all given me as gifts from strong and gentle hearted men who have sacrificed much to honor the feminine energies that now must come forth in these dream songs for Abundance, Harmony, Balance and Peace to manifest for us and for future generations.  Thank you for keeping an open heart and for hearing what Mother Earth is sending through the Stone Nations' songs in these transformational times in a very good way! Recorded and mixed by in the sacred Black Hills by Stringbean Svenson, Fiddlestring Productions, Produced by Lee Engberg  " 2009 Hillbunny Productions, all rights reserved " ASCAP

    Total time 57:17

Please help - please join St8ne Walker to help support indigenous teachers and traditional/spiritual Chiefs bring wisdom forward in good action for all our relations for THIS time!

Here are some videos that highlight from the wisdom of many tribal ancestors some of the Stone Wisdom teachings brought forward in these songs and from the Spirit of Inyan Oyate - Stone Nation....

Remembering the teachings of our ancestors - we must bring forward into NOW the good things meant for our generation and put them into practice, walk them (not just talk them) in a sacred manner, for future generations

 We are 8ne


Many generations of elders taught the mysteries of the 4 directions, and the 7 sacred directions with much wisdom


In the dreamtime stone nation has gifted me the importance of the number eight, for this generation, to bring in

Harmony, Balance, Abundance, Peace

for walking the circle, vortex, 8 is the ceremony of BE-ing, living, walking response-ably

in a sacred manner.

For us two-leggeds to survive and bring forth future generations

we need not only speak, but LIVE all these teachings in our sacred walk of life - the 8th ceremony (we are the ceremony)

May this fire be strong


Gratitude and Appreciation for the Gift of Life is the ongoing theme behind all of Bunny Sings Wolf Music


To educate, interpret, and sing the songs of the Buffalo Nation and to recognize in this CD the stone nation, with sacred desire to honor the gift of life in all it's beautiful forms -

encourage the ways of walking in wisdom

this is the intent of the voice I send.

and for those who need cling to familiar words about the power of  the "rock"- Creator - I share this interesting video to remind, as my dream song released in my previous "White Haired Sunrise" (from the East) CD "Love Is A Power" song relates "Love is a Power - greater than Fear"


and for a beautiful insight into stories and songs, and the joining of "old" and "new" ways of Native American life way perspectives, and the MUSIC of these is a 2 hour video to enjoy from California (my place of birth)


Some of the stories of the songs from the dream songs gifted me from our ancestor stone are in the CD liner notes.  It is my prayer that these songs and their deep meanings will be heard and "walked" by many good hearts into today to bridge us all back to the circle, 8ur 8neness, and mending the sacred hoop.

NOW IS THE TIME    Listen to a sample of: Give Yourself to Love   *  THE STONE WALKERS RETURN  Listen to a sample of: Give Yourself to Love  *   FROM INYAN KARA
(Inyan Kara - Lakota words meaning formed of stones, cause to be, stone made, Creator!)

Earth wisdom keepers have always honored the Rock or Stone Nation, and many of us knew as children the sacredness of that moment when we first discovered and picked up in wonder, our very first stone.  Even in later centuries, the Bible recorded words coming from a great teacher and prophet as saying regarding these times in which we live..."Peace in the heavens and glory in the highest places!...I tell you, if these remained silent, the stones would cry out (speak)."  

In Lakota-Dakota-Nakota cultures (Sioux), Inyan Oyate (Stone People or Stone Nation) were recognized as our first and most ancient relatives.  In the very beginning the rock ones were credited with giving their life blood to create all other things; and prophets, shamans, teachers and seers carried sacred stones for the purpose of teaching balance of body, mind, spirit.  Yes, from the sacred stone tablets written upon by the "hand of God" to the many sacred sites abundant with sacred stone monuments, and now through the crystal "power" of our computers searching the world wide web we are finally able to see the deep connection sacred Stone Walkers have shared with Mother Earth in wisdom, education, bringing about balance, healing, and in life and wellness honoring ceremonies. 

The word Winyan (a Lakota word for Woman, a word earned by one who demonstrates maturity, education, truthfulness, honor, respect, and response-ability) also represents birth and the beginning.  The Lakota culture recognizes, and many old legends, proverbs, and cultural stories from many tribes teach that INYAN (stone),  was the first Creation, and closely related to Winyan.

And what is it the rock solid wisdom of Inyan Oyate "says"?

Personal Integrity with Global Awareness - Empowerment of Self and Others - Service to humanitarian and Universal Causes

all of which add up to healing and wholeness
for humankind, Mother Earth, and all our relations!

The time for prophecies of old to come forward in fulfillment now unfolds, and once again this sacred connection of life source stone and feminine life-nurturing wisdom energies come together as the ceremonies of Inyan Pejuta resume to reflect and respect wellness, life, and all the resources that create and nurture life on our planet.

As two-legged human beings awaken to these sacred ways in practice and in walking in a sacred manner on Mother Earth, our connection to energetic harmony and the SOURCE of life is finally, once again, respected.  Imbalances now have opportunity to heal, and for this, the stones are ready to now "cry out" and give of their gifts through those few who still carry and honor them in wellness practice - the St8ne Walkers.



Walking the 8th ceremony for Harmony, Balance, Abundance, Peace


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Bunny's music resonates with Mother Earth - some have called her music good Medicine in the ways of a Sound "Shaman"

There has been much discussion on the internet of late about "plastic Medicine Men" and "fake Shamans", and what is sacred and how to and who should handle or engage in ceremony, etc. etc. etc. which I will not go into, but would like to share a quote from one such discussion.  You may click here to read the entire interview.  Again, I thank you for keeping an open mind and heart about these things.  Each human BE-ing needs to find their own path....

I will quote something that A true medicine Man said to one of  his students that I have found to be profoundly true.

"This is not your choosing. You don't have the right or authority to interfere with what the great spirit has decided. You were chosen to be a Medicine man long before you came into this body on this earth. You have a duty and a responsibility to follow the calling. If not you will hurt your family, your people, and the spiritual function and design of the Universe. Sure, it's a tough  life. Your own Indian people will make fun of you, they will talk bad about you, they will probably even call you a phony or something. But the Great Creator Knows, The mother Earth knows, your relations in Nature know, the numerous people from all walks of life you will help, heal and teach will know; and you will know. That is all that really matters. And when things get tough in life you will just have to grin and bear it. That is one of the ways for a true Medicine Man. You take on the suffering, the fear, the hate, the anger, the pain, the confusion, and the sickness of the people. That is why you are different. And you can't run and hide from it. You were put here on the Earth to do a job for the Great Creator. Like it or not, you've got to be strong and just do it." 


Shaman II
In gratitude I thank you for your openness in exploring the meanings behind words and "labels".  Shaman is a name for those who seek out truth behind hidden things, and those who have ability to transform and make changes.  Thus in many ways, if we are growing, we may all be called "Shaman" by some degree or another.  I do pray all the transformations we make are from darkness to light, from dis-ease to wholeness and wellness, from sadness to joy, for all our relations for Blessings and peace and to honor life. In searching for truth in all troubling situations, we manifest healing, though painful for a time. A true Shaman understands that suffering is a corrective!  Walk in beauty, for life is the great gift.
Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota-we are all related),


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Bunny's songs speak in beauty of natural and life nurturing spaces and the importance of living ways of cultivating peace and harmony among all our relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin  (Lakota-we are all related).

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Pte Sa We

The circle is round, each of the colors of human races, and of the four directions is to be honored equally, and
everything we send comes back to us
- as above so below.
May we each choose to do what we can to walk in wisdom
so that ALL may be blessed.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Bunny Sings Wolf

Why does Bunny play the "Native American" flute?

Just as a "French horn" is a particular type of musical instrument, "Native American flute" refers to a particular type/style of musical instrument.  Also the style of storytelling dubbed "Native American Storytelling" does not guarantee presentation by an enrolled member of a Federally-recognized tribal member. 

A reviewer with the Rapid City Journal  dubbed Bunny's music as "Lakota-inflective Folk" which  aptly describes the type and subject matter of  the original music that has come to her in dreams which she shares often with flute music (which also came in dreams along with the lyrics and music of her songs).  Her music comes to build bridges among races of all people, Red, Yellow,  White and Black, and educate, show honor and respect for human BE-ings, Lakota and ALL other earth- nurturing, Native American and/or indigenous or other life honoring ways, perspectives and cultures. 

"I"m white, but I can't prove it."

Although Bunny has a rich mix of first nations ancestry, continues to learn from, shares with and associates with many well respected "Federally-recognized"  Native American Indian tribal elders, chiefs, and medicine people, and she has  researched the  stories and teachings that stem from cultural perspectives that she may share in workshops or performances,  please know that the music and the original songs she shares (and the stories and teachings that come with them) have come to her in dreams. 

While she plays Native American flutes in music that is enjoyed and endorsed by many prominent card carrying Native Americans,  Bunny Sings Wolf's music does NOT claim to be "Native American made"  as is now specified by the U.S. Government.   IF it is your desire to listen only to music made by an enrolled member of a "federally-recognized"  "Native American" musician, you may find them through a web search. 

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Most asked question:    "How can I get a copy of Bunny's latest new songs that I  heard at her concerts?"

Most of Bunny's ORIGINAL SONGS (upward of 450 at last count) have "arrived" usually at 3:00 a.m., in the form of dreams  since Bunny has been living at home in the Black Hills.  Waking her from deep sleep - playing in her head - complete with words and music, she records them, to learn and share later. In honoring this unique music gift, Bunny feels a solemn responsibility to the Creator to use her voice and carry these songs to as many people as possible.  Lyrics of some of these songs, yet unreleased on CD, may be found on Unreleased Lyrics page. If you wish to be added to the growing list of those who want to be notified when new CD's are available, and receive announcements of her UPCOMING LIVE PERFORMANCES scheduled in YOUR AREA, please sign Mailing List

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Bunny's songs speak in beauty of natural and life nurturing spaces and the importance of living ways of cultivating peace and harmony among all our relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin  (Lakota-we are all related).

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