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Original Music Works by Bunny Sings Wolf is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Return to the organic  world
with heart-beat
Native Flute, drum, gentle finger-picking acoustic Folk guitar and  Bunny's memorable voice singing lyrics that resonate from the heart of the sacred Black Hills, to positively relate ancient indigenous perspectives critical for our lives, our planet, and our future!


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"The Creator
has given you
a beautiful gift. 
 Perhaps he is allowing you the time to sit back and gather more songs.  These songs can bring messages to those who listen"

Chief Oliver Red Cloud
(Lakota-Dakota-Nakota) Pine Ridge, SD
from a letter to Bunny dated April 12, 2005

"To the real deal,  a true heart,
Blessings sister Wolf . Prayers are good right now. We are all it seems at the edge of disaster...But I have faith the new paradigm is being birthed. The reason we can't meld into the old one any longer is that we are leaving our addiction to corruption behind, and being reborn as Angel Children from within. 
Blessings always from your Brother Wolf"  
Shunkmanitu Tanka Wanagi Wahi Wican from email sent to Bunny September 2005

"Everybody better LISTEN UP
because the 'phat' lady

M. Bell - of the Mississippi Choctaw Dynasty

words spoken with a smile to Bunny regarding this project

Click here to LISTEN to entire Prophecy Keeper song in the middle of 4-28-10 full moon online  interview with
Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nations'
 Chief   Richard Grass!

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Nominated 2007
Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards

Released September 14, 2005 (before the storms began shifting peoples' awareness) this 28 minutes of Soulful music with canyon echoing Native flute, heartbeat drum, chimes and acoustic guitar harmonies, wind and thunder  - compliment the meaningful words so heart-fully sent from the strength of a feminine voice you won't soon forget! This CD was inspired by a song by the same title, co-written with Nashville Awarded Songwriter Karen Lake, and production was supported in part by a grant by the
Wyoming Arts Council.  W
ith many implications for our times!

"Let the truth be known for all mankind again."

This CD was partially funded by a grant from Wyoming Arts Council

Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources
Supported in part by the Wyoming Arts Council through funding from
the National Endowment for the Arts
and the Wyoming State Legislature.


Description and Dedication

More on how the Song came to be

Prophecy Keeper
Cold Creek Willows and the Beautiful WayGrowing Old

"In the last days]... your sons and your daughters will certainly prophecy...dreams they will dream...visions they will see...[on every sort of flesh] I shall pour out my spirit."
Joel 2:28, Amos 3:7,8

Description and Dedication

In a single song  - with many implications for our times,
Bunny sends her soulful voice, with flute, drum, chimes and acoustic guitar harmonies, wind and thunder and surprise BONUS dreams songs included as "Wopila"- a give away -

 From the Heart of the Black Hills - on the Wyoming edge of the sage kissed prairie - where indigenous clans lived for centuries nurturing and respecting the land and it's diversity of creatures and plant life, treating each creation as "relatives"; 
before scientists warned of "global warming" and whole species were wiped out upon our planet by "civilized" people with a religious fervor and a political agenda,
here a life-style was lived to preserve these resources and each tribe had their teachers, elders and wisdom keepers who had dreams and visions, and the receiving of prophecy, to help nurture, teach and protect life and keep good relationship with all living things in an effort to preserve and protect earth's abundance for generations who would follow in their footsteps.

 This was a worldview, a way of life
that is sorely lacking among the majority of people living on our planet today.

Perhaps these long held truths have now been hidden, or fallen upon deaf ears because unscrupulous people have distorted, manipulated, and re-interpreted these ways
in an effort to gain political, religious or material control.

However this does not change the fact that many ancient life-ways based the teachings and prophecies harmonious  with the natural created world  that were passed on in story, song, and in written forms (including the Bible) have all agreed in general terms.  They have served to warn that if ever people abandoned ways of living in harmony, ceased their practice of treating all peoples and life forms with honor and respect, that there would be
large prices to pay in the future.  That the Creator, or life-sustaining force of the universe, would one day work to bring back into balance these "laws" of "nature."

 Awareness is needed
to recognize that

Ghost Canyon Ranch around the corner from where Bunny's songs are recorded

we ARE the caretakers of the earth,
and if,
where we touch the earth or each other, or any created thing,
we leave a hurt or a scar, or give nothing back in return,
we are only killing our own selves and the life force gifted us
with a thousand
small wounds
that could
kill the whole living planet as we know it.


Old ranch house at
Cold Creek

 As storm clouds thicken overhead because humankind has in general
ceased to walk in truth, wisdom and awareness, perhaps the time spoken about through prophecy has arrived!  It is time now that people once again recognize with urgency and respect what is needed to become kind and in good relationship with all peoples from the four directions,
the good earth, and its diversity of life. 

Rainbow at music festival after the lightening bolt that started this music journey in 2000

True Freedom, peace, and security
can only be achieved when all living things are allowed the space and enjoyment each species requires to live a healthy, harmonious existence, fulfilling their sacred space for which they were created, within the circle of life, for themselves and their offspring to come.  Fighting, denying,  and consuming only increases the lack of these life-sustaining requirements. 

 We EACH, INDIVIDUALLY are a part of the great puzzle
and EACH
either becomes a part of the problem or the solution...
it is our privilege as humans
to have such a choice.

 So, in song we ask

with humble hearts
for the truth and wisdom
to choose to become
a sincere



and to carry these truths to yet more hearts.

Karen Lake - writer of the words of  Prophecy Keeper song
that inspired the creation of this CD

As living vessels, carriers of this song
(both in writing and creating it for release on CD)
its creators/co-writers
Karen Lake (pictured at left)
and Bunny Sings Wolf
hope that people will listen with their hearts,
in just the same way that this song is prayerfully sent.
It is our hope that
beginning with the sounds in this recording,
thoughtful people will take it upon themselves to follow through
 to search for,
and come to understand
the wisdoms passed down to each of us
from whatever our culture, our family background,
or our location on the planet,

that we each may take the opportunity
within our unique place in the cosmos,
and decide now
to live and work in harmony
in the ways given each of us
to BEST use our own sacred gifts and talents
in all our relations.

Mitakuye Oyasin


Karen Lake
-Nashwville Award winning Songwriter

Blue Otter, of non-profit Native American owned and operated Prophecy Keepers Web Radio, suggested that Nashville award winning songwriter, Karen Lake, compose a theme song by the same name to use on this web radio station home page that is dedicated to sharing interviews with Elders, indigenous teachers, truth seekers,
and prophecy keepers from
all cultures and walks of life from around the globe. 
Fifteen minutes after their telephone conversation Karen called back informing him that
the song was written! 
It just landed on her like a bird with wings!

 He then introduced her, via email,  to Bunny Sings Wolf, as the voice destined to send forth these words in song.  

Inspired and honored by the prospect, Bunny dreamed of the song that night, and later sang her "dream" version, accompanied only by drum, over the telephone during an interview for Prophecy Keepers radio in May 2005 (you may hear the entire interview in the web sites' interview archives for Bunny Sings Wolf at 

The telephone recorded version of this song has been played on the radio s home page since then.  A  BONUS TRACK of this song is included on this CD as a "give away" THANK YOU song  -  two versions of the same song for a single song price - are all in this one album - emphasizing the importance of the song's content for reflection
 for our times.

 Karen and Bunny became email and long distance telephone friends and music collaborators hoping to find a way for Bunny to professionally record the song on CD. Indigenous tribal elders, Chiefs, Mothers, sisters, housewives, business and medicine people, spiritual leaders, visionaries and those keenly interested in prophecy for our times from around the planet were told about this song, listened to the rough version played on Prophecy Keepers radio, and soon a worldwide prayer circle was formed.  Prayers were made  for the making of this song in a good way, to bless all insightful people during these "prophetic" times in mankind s' history.

 Prayers were answered when Bunny applied for and won a small grant from the Wyoming Arts Council, ($500)  and Karen filled in the gap by sending the needed matching funds on faith from her humble savings (she was between income producing projects at the time) to help manifest the production of this sound recording.  Neither Karen nor Bunny have ever received any money for their creative work on this production, and it has always been on Bunny's heart, as she has communicated with Karen, that
this is a "give away" song -

 Sent with love,
and blessings
for all our relations

 and for the comfort and enjoyment of all
who recognize
these long anticipated,
very unusual, critical, and transformational times
that require great wisdom
and insight
from all
who wish
to live in peace and harmony
in a sacred manner now,
Mother Earth.

Following are words that Karen has shared about her songwriting experience with this song:

  When I wrote this song it became embedded into the fiber of my heart and soul.  The words transform my daily meditations, instilling peace, tranquility and love in my being.  I feel an acute awareness of the importance of this song  - to instill peace throughout the world.

 We are on the threshold of a challenging time on earth.  I dedicate this song to the concept of peace on earth goodwill towards peoples of all races.  This Prophecy Keepers' song has inspired me to think about and appreciate the free gift of life and peace.  I hope it does the same for all who hear it.  


Prophecy Keeper Song Lyrics

Click here to LISTEN to entire Prophecy Keeper song in the middle of 4-28-10 full moon online  interview with
Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nations'
Dynastic Grand Chief Richard Grass


Words by Karen Lake, Music by Karen Lake and Bunny Sings Wolf (ASCAP)
2005 Hillbunny Productions


































Custom Flutes (with white buffalo carved "birds", made of spruce, poplar, cedar wood and white birch) used in this recording were custom made and gifted to Bunny by Mark Nelson (after a pattern by Daniel Red Buffalo circa 1846)

Chimes (8 copper pipes with her own special patina, hung on large Elk antler, and special drumstick decorated with white turkey feathers and beadwork) were custom created for Bunny by Artist Christine Nervig of  BEAR ROCK ART , Custer, SD

UPDATE November 2008 - as of this writing, though this song has played continually 24/7 on the web, on radio stations around the globe, and thousands of people have heard it and shared it as a "free" download, to date not one penny of money has filtered down or been "earned as profit" to the writer and/or the singer of this song (both who continue to live simple humble lives, Karen working as salad bar attendant at a casino, and Bunny as a convenience store cashier , to earn the needed dollars to pay the monthly rent while continuing to pursue our music dreams as there is yet time and energy to do so. 

This powerful song has proven to be as intended, and prayerfully sent from our grandmotherly hearts, a true give away to all our relations.

However, Karen and I have many dreams and projects for the near future, and we trust that when Creator is ready to put our natural gifts and talents to work, the time and abundant resources will be there so that I may continue to send my voice in a good way, with more beautiful prophetic and heart healing songs (over 420) that have come to me in dreams , to share for our times.

Cold Creek Willows
Words and Music, Native American Flute, Guitar, Vocals by Bunny Sings Wolf ,  Produced by Lee Engberg and Stringbean Svenson. Recorded on Dat tape and mixed in the sacred Black Hills at Fiddlestring Production Studio, 2004 Hillbunny Productions all rights reserved - ASCAP
Song #3
another BONUS TRACK on Prophecy Keeper CD

Willows by the water, near the rambling streambed wet

Heard the voices in the meadows where they stood and prayed and wept

The buffalo were gone now, and the horses were lost in the fray

And the families that once lived here were all forced to move away

And the willows stand and pray

Holding the promise of a new day.


Willows by the waters under skies above deep blue

I remember the days we walked here, where all the bluebirds flew

Now the dragonflies on Cold Creek in whirlwind windings fly

Over  the ancient rocks with petroglyphs, where all their stories lie

While the wind in the willows sigh

But they never say goodbye.


For the willows heard her promise

She d protect this sacred earth

From dividers, builders, dammers, who would not honor it s true worth

From the East Spruce and Pine forests to where the Aspen join their hands

The willows heard her promise

She would protect this land

And bring the people home again

Who are the Cold Creek Willows Friends.

. . .  

(the Arapahoe words are written here by Bunny as best she could phonetically from discussions with Arapahoe Cultural advisors - see story below the lyrics)

Jah bea s.ah nauw, baugh ball ah-the.e saw naw

  (to walk I walk in dignity, I know what my destiny is, and I am aware as I walk that his journey of my life is in perfect compliance and balance with the natural order, the natural world, not in control , but in harmony with the whole of it)

Jah ee na.w wah


Haa thah. AAA sahnaw

And wisdom

Naw Naw hay knee naw, Naw naw hay knee naw

Because we are the (chosen ones as ) caretakers of the earth, we are the appointed ones Creator has designated to watch over and take care of the earth and all creatures thereupon.

Thee awh goo day. Wahh thee awh goo day wahh

Because we are the caretakers of the earth

 Bea dah wahh Bee thaw ahhh who

(we stand and are responsible) and we hold this responsibility, this priviledge, with all our hearts as our lifes' work and purpose 

Hee  ThaaaAAH Deee  (for we LIVE it!  We LOVE it!)

The direction, the way we walk is GOOD 

Bunny beside Cold Creek Willows deep in the sacred Black Hills

 Haaah See SAH nauw

And beautiful (I walk among beauty)

. . .  

Willows by the waters, are awakening this Spring

For they know the time is close now to hear that songbird sing

For with the greening of the landscape a fresh hope arises strong

And the willows that grow on Cold Creek won t have to wait too long

For her thundering sunshine song

To bring back that rainbow throng. 

Cold Creek Cowboy

For the willows heard her promise

She d protect this sacred earth

From dividers, builders, dammers,
who would not honor its true worth

Cold Creek Willows


Cold Creek Car


From the East fields of sage and sunflowers,

 to where the cottonwood seeds disband

The willows heard her promise

She would protect this land 

And bring the people home,

Who are the Cold Creek Willows Friends.

Who are the old,

Cold Creek Willows


- - -


THE COLD CREEK WILLOWS  SONG CAME  4-8-4 3:00 a.m. after a full moon visit to the old Cold Creek (Hook family) ranch near O neill Pass, Wyoming, on return from Spearfish Canyon.  This is a place I have visited with awe and reverence for over 20 years at every chance I could get when coming to the Black Hills, never knowing who owned it or why the old buildings were left to fall down uninhabited for so long.  Then, two weeks after the song came to me, driving by the old ranch again I saw a car parked there for the first time!  We stopped, and met the owner and her daughter.  I had my flute with me, and sang them the song, and when the flute solo concluded at the end, there was not a dry eye in the place  - just yards from where the bluebirds flew and the stream sang it's rippling harmony.  They asked that I email the words of this song to them (which they promptly printed out, framed and hung near a limited edition print of an original painting of the "old place" proudly displayed in their city home that had been gifted to them by Hill City Artist, Jon Crane).

During our visit I learned that  Mr. Crane,  who I had met at a private house party I had performed for back in 2001, had painted two works of art depicting the ranch house.  Later I was contacted by the Cranes to see if they could have my  permission to print the words of this song alongside renditions of Jon's paintings for a coffee table book to be published in 2006.  Of course, I said I would be honored, as I also hoped one day to record the song, and would be sure to mention their new book on my web site, if they would also mention my song and web site in their book!  I am surprised that my recording happened before the book was published (which seemed very unlikely at the time!).

Also interesting to note:  Hill City's world renown fine Artist Jon Crane's motto is
"Art that takes you home" which perfectly fits this dream song and is very similar to the motto I have also used at my web site since it's creation, i.e.
"Music that takes you home" 
(all little creative "messages" sent to us from the Black Hills, a place many Native American tribes reverently call "sacred" and
"the HEART of everything that is")!

Did you know that the places where for many thousands of years, Native Americans typically go to pray (their "churches", if you will, called in the Lakota language "inipi") have been reverently constructed of willows?  So it has been my experience in such ceremonies that , Indeed, the willows DO pray along with us in our prayer songs - and our prayers are heard and the new day is coming
- - -

The ARAPAHOE portion of the song music came in a dream the second night of my five week stay beginning a  5 week MUSIC workshop on the Wind River Reservation at St. Stephen's Indian School, Wyoming, Sept.-Oct. 2004.     I hummed the tune each morning on my drive from my motel room in Lander to the school, but the words I dreamed I could not say or understand. 

Then I noticed the school motto displayed on the front wall above the school office - written in Arapahoe language when  the school was established many moons ago by those who came to  "civilize" the area and "re-educate" the "savages".  Thankfully now the activities at the school are now overseen by Arapahoe tribal council and cultural advisors, but, at least at first, it seemed "re-education" seemed to have done it's deed.  After questioning many students and staff as to the meaning of the words, few who I initially met  and spoke with, students and staff,  could not read nor interpret the school motto in the Arapahoe tongue.  Many said "oh that is a HARD language, too hard to learn!" I was stunned that most certainly this pop culture has infiltrated and consumed the thoughts and activities even of these peoples.  Yet, I mused, one day a long time ago a whole HEALTHY AND ROBUST civilization at one point in time didn't think their own  language was "too hard" or "too difficult" to learn.

I was finally blessed to meet  the  very proud and  elderly Black Eagle Woman (Mary Kate Underwood) who set me straight on the words and filled me in with many stories about her early days as a child living at the school when it was a very strictly run boarding school, and how she has kept and treasured her language and the "old ways"  of  the Arapahoe even though punished frequently for doing so.  I  later learned that "Arapahoe" means, roughly translated "we are the caretakers of the earth, this is our privilege".  Black Eagle Woman simply put it  bluntly: "we are the chosen ones."

Wayne C'Hair
Arapahoe Cultural Advisor

Black Eagle Woman
(Mary Kate and Ed Underwood)

William C'Hair
singing  with
Bunny's White Buffalo Drum
helping with pronunciation and understanding of  Arapahoe words.

Having been taught at an early age the first few pages of the Bible which also indicates humankind was designated by the Creator to nurture and care for this planet in a good way, I could not help but recall my research as a young person that proved to me that the intent "caretakers" had been drastically changed in the "translations" - and Bible truths tampered with by  "dividers, builders and "dammers", giving them presumed full license to consume and destroy rather than nurture, preserve and care for each of the created things put here for a specific and unique purpose.

Later during my five week music residency, the schools cultural advisors Wayne C'Hair and Mick Spoonhunter did their best to help me with the words, but eventually  referred me to Willian C'Hair for a more "correct" understanding of the Arapahoe translation which I have attempted to include with the lyrics written above, even though not all these words are "sung".  

After several meetings with him, I "think" I finally picked up the correct pronunciation of the Arapahoe words and their very deep meanings that may only be "estimated" in English, for our culture today has truly lost touch with good relationship with the "slow thinking" needed to live in deep appreciation, respect and harmony with Mother Earth and all the created beings resident here!   It seemed VERY important  to me at the time that I learn the words and the understanding correctly - as if my
LIFE depended on it!  

I was very humbled with the patience of this proud people with me as I tried to breach the gap in the language I grew up with and the multi-colored and rich language and meanings of  theirs, now almost lost for future generations.  I learned that ancient Arapahoe songs were not typically given names, but sung from the heart when the occasion presented itself.  Each person and family had their own songs, and each sung them a different way depending on the mood, the time, the feelings of the heart - and because of this source, song was considered a sacred thing, a sacred activity with which to further beautify, honor and nurture the gift of life in all it's forms.

Then one morning while humming on my daily drive to the school, I realized the words I had been learning in the Arapahoe tongue perfectly fit the music I had been humming from my dream - so I put the two together and attempted to share the song by singing it at the conclusion of an all school music program I had directed students to perform in the gym for parents, teachers and tribal elders at the conclusion of my residency.  I invited all to sing along, whether they could speak the language or not.  I had typed up the words phonetically as best I could and included it in the music printed program, along with these words:

"It is the hope that as Bunny sings this song, teaches it to students of the school who do not know the Arapahoe language or the school motto, that a desire to appreciate and learn their own culture and rich heritage will be cultivated in their hearts and carried into the future.  And for the rest of humankind - may this motto touch a place in our hearts to wisely direct our steps, and walk this beautiful way to benefit ourselves, all our relations, and motivate us to show respect for what is left of the life sustaining, natural resources of our planet, our home, on which we now hold the future by our thoughts, words and actions. 
It is time to LIVE in harmony!"

Upon seeing a full moon surrounded by a rainbow September 2004 that night at my motel, it dawned on me that the Arapahoe song words and music fit perfectly within the Cold Creek Willows Song written earlier that year!  At that time I was also given the title that my next CD project is to be named (once investor capital is found for the planned 2 CD release
- which I hope to find a way to manifest sometime in 2009). 

On on another level this "Cold Creek Willows and the Beautiful Way" song is reminiscent of the Lakota prophecy about the promised return of the White Buffalo Calf Woman during a time when people would again have nearly forgotten ways of harmony and beauty walking.  I also recall the prophecy that came to Black Elk on Harney Peak, and the visions given Wovoca about people living in harmony once again on the earth, full of buffalo and high grass, living in peace on the land.  For much time all these stories and prophecies continued be misunderstood by the white settlers who had a very narrow view of even their own prophecies that had been passed down to them, which led to further misunderstandings surrounding the beliefs of indigenous peoples in "America", the Ghost Dance, and the eventual decimation of  whole tribes and generations of  innocent  people

Yet , happily, with an open mind any thoughtful person can see that all the prophecies passed down to humankind for THIS time agree, that if man lives out of harmony with the truths resonant in the natural world that were set in motion by a loving and benevolent Creator
that great catastrophes will continue to increase as our planet and the life sustaining processes put in motion to create and sustain life here attempt to recalibrate and to correct the imbalances imposed upon it by an ignorant population.

However, each with their own unique symbols and stories depending upon the country and culture where sincere truth seekers can prayerfully come to understand the "translations" fully, all prophecies also agree that individuals who live and walk in harmony and balance, in good relationship with our Creator and all created things, can and will
LIVE again in peace here on Mother Earth
after a fear-inspiring earth-wide balancing, cleansing, and healing takes place.
(for Western "readers" see Rev. 21:3,4 for starters, or do a web search "Prophecy Keeper" for more info.
for this is the time to
"let the truth be known for all mankind again"
and all sincere truth seekers CAN find and live in the beautiful and life-sustaining ways of truth!)

Thus, it is with this dream song,  I am pleased and humbled to be able to
finally sing it for you in the Arapahoe way, spontaneously from my heart, on this sound recording a year after seeing the rainbow moon on the Wind River Reservation, especially for this time, on this CD so aptly named
Prophecy Keeper!

(NOTE - November 2008 update:  The original 200 copies of this CD that I made on my computer and gave away to radio stations and to help promote the song early on were the only "hard" copies made.  The few remaining CDs left were sold at CDbaby and my portion of those proceeds was split with Karen Lake, which amount to date has never reached the hundred dollar mark for either of us - far below what it has cost us to produce it. Until funding comes to create more, the only way to get these songs are by digital music downloads on the web (see links at top of this page). Occasionally we have seen a check for a couple bucks come through just in time to buy a few groceries for our share of this endeavor, and so our hearts are happy, grateful and most humbled to be a part of these songs on this CD and its meanings for our times.  Our prayer is that this CD will find a way to multiply and find it's way to many more good hearts when the time is right for it's wisdom to be cherished and "walked' in a sacred manner again on Mother Earth.)

WE live in a time when it is easy to research and come to understand the truth behind the many prophecies that have with love and good intent urged to remind us human BE-ings (not just do-ings)

We ARE our brothers' keeper, and we ARE the caretakers of the earth!

. . . and indeed, our lives
and those of future generations
DO depend upon our truthfully understanding
and living in ways of harmony with this truth!

Dance! Buffalo! Dance!
at all school music performance celebrating Bunny's music residency at Wind River Reservation  school

Arapahoe Young Peoples' Drum Group
at Central Wyoming College recording songs during Bunny's music residency

Dance! Buffalo! Dance!
at all school music performance celebrating Bunny's music residency at "St. Stephen's Indian School"

"Our children are living messages
we send to a time and a place we may never see,
a song for the future, sent from you and me. 
Will they carry the note?             Do they know the key?
and will we leave a place, a time  - left for them to be?"
 2005 - words and music by Bunny Sings Wolf
(part of lyrics from a new song, yet to be released on Bunny's next CD project)



Bunny Sings Wolf

  Growing Old
(click song title to listen to music clip at Bunny's CDbaby page) 
 2003 Words and Music by Bunny Sings Wolf , Hillbunny Productions All Rights Reserved
Song #4 - another BONUS TRACK on Prophecy Keeper CD 

 Now that the Spring is gone, all that was right now seems so wrong and I don t know if I belong Now I m growing old.

Things that were fast are slow, as I watch each each step I go,

I was feeling high but now I m low Now I m growing old.

Always thought the friends I had would always be right here

Now the truth is clear Now I m growing old.

Children grown and moved away, grandchildren run and play
While I'm left to live each day - Now I'm growing old.

World has left me behind, too fast to watch the signs,
And I'm feeling too weak to change their mind - Now I'm growing old

Wonder if they'll ever love the things I leave behind
I hope that Love's still blind - Now I'm growing old.

Yet each day of living is more beautiful, than all the words I could ever know,
And thinking of all those many precious times of loving, 
has filled my heart with the warmest glow.

It's too late to complain, guess  I'll take the sunshine and the rain,
And love the laughter and the pain - Now I'm growing old.

And yet, in it's blindness and uncaring - the world still has more
beauty than I can sing!
And looking forward to more lovely times of loving,
Has made me realize that
love is everything!
LOVE  is every thing!

So now I'll not complain, I'll just take the sunshine and the rain,
And love the laughter and the pain - Now I'm growing old.

"What the caterpillar calls the END of the world - the Master calls the butterfly!"
Richard Bach from his book "Illusions"

Growing old is a good thing for it beats the alternative!  However beyond that thought lies the fact that with age often comes the priceless beauty of wisdom, and transformations, fear-inspiring as they are. 
This IS the joy and miracle of the entire process of life!

Wyoming Arts Council

Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources
Supported in part by the Wyoming Arts Council through funding from
the National Endowment for the Arts
and the Wyoming State Legislature.

 The story of this jpg Photo I took of my April 2004
Full Moon Moth
Wondering if my songs would ever be heard...
all winter I had watched the large gray cocoon,
affixed securely to the sage I'd planted at the front steps of my walk.  Un-dauntingly, secretly,  it stayed secured  and camouflaged, matching  perfectly the color of the Wyoming sage -  through snows, winds, rain, and finally Spring.  While working in the yard on the full moon day of  April 2004, I met this beautiful creature perched atop the cocoon, as I kneeled practically nose to nose with the ornately painted
White Buffalo skull
on her red shawl (similar to the one on the
Wyoming Arts Council logo now a part of this
"Prophecy Keeper" CD project!)
She kept me company there all day, occasionally gently fanning her glorious wings in the breezes until the full moon rose - when she flew away silently, into the night.  Pilamayeah!

(Lakota word translation=thank you, this makes me feel happy) 

so - growing older can actually lead to dreams coming true and a time of life to revel in complete and joyful...un-abandoned...

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 2004 Words and Music by Bunny Sings Wolf , Hillbunny Productions All Rights Reserved
Song #5 another BONUS TRACK on THIS SINGLE RELEASE - Prophecy Keeper CD
- written December, 2004  after many lessons that month in Casper, Wyoming, when I learned to finally STAND BESIDE MYSELF and accept who I AM , along with all the dreams and the songs that come so beautifully with them!  Now I am truly "
beside myself" with joy and a peace in my life I only imagined before now. Here are the lyrics of the Liberty song so that you may stand beside yourself...

Once I was lonely, now I am happy, Once I was crying, But now I laugh

and I thought surely my life was over, until I finally let go the past.

It wasn't really as hard as I thought, it wasn't nearly so long a path,

Instead of trudging, I just started skipping, and then I really, let go the past.

And now, and now,  I find myself beside you,

 and Now, and Now - ( the FIRST day of my life! )

I see, I see,  a rainbow all around me,

and that joy that surrounds me, I call my Liberty!

No longer wondering, no longer waiting, no longer praying to see the light,

It shines before me, and washes o'r me, I found the sunrise beyond the long night.

No longer mourning, no longer sighing, no longer wanting to be elsewhere,

No longer hiding, nor justifying, now with heart vision, see my way clear!

And now, and now,  I find myself beside you,

 and Now, and Now - ( the FIRST day of my life! )

I see, I see,  a rainbow all around me,

 and that joy that surrounds me, I live in Liberty!

I LIVE in Liberty!



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